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Carton Sealing Tape - 2” x 55 Yards, 1.6 MIL, TAN

Carton Sealing TAN / BROWN Tape of 2-Inch (48 MM) Wide, 55-Yards (50 Meter) Length, 1.6 MIL (40 Micron) Thick, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Pressure Sensitive Tape with acrylic adhesive are packed 36 Rolls per box. The price mentioned is for the box of 36 rolls. Please note: There is no minimum order quantity requirement for this item. You can order as low as one box. However, more than one box order would get you a better shipping rate per box. Instead of the open track at the beginning (for easy opening to start) it is closed (tape is extended few inches after the opening track/tab) so you may have to spend few seconds to find and open the beginning of each tape. This is the only minor imperfection for these tapes. Once you open the tap, it is perfect and superior quality, we promise. Instead of opening all boxes from this batch and to open the beginning of the tape to add the open track, we are selling this item with a substantial discounted price. We truly believe, you will be extremely happy with the quality of these tapes.

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Model Number:  DM40TN20-55-SI



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