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Medium Black Thank you Plastic Shopping Bags,Heavy

Medium Black Thank you Plastic Shopping Bags,Heavy
800 Bags/Box, Size: 8x4.5x20" (Width x Side Gusset x Height) - Equivalent Two Dimensions Size of 12.5x20" (Width x Height). These superior quality and Super Strong Black bags are Printed Thank you with a Gold Ink. Bags are made using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Thickness of each bag is 24 Micron. Due to higher thickness these bags are perfect for Liquor Stores (Two Bottles or more) or where handling/packing heavy weight items with a high confidence is important. --- Please Note: There is no minimum. However, more than one case would get you a better shipping rate per box. For this item, we can pack up to five boxes in a bundle. To get the best possible shipping rate per box, you may want to consider ordering in a multiplication of five boxes (like 5 or 10 or 15…). The price mentioned is for a box of 800 Bags. Weight per box is about 13 LB

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